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Banners are a versatile means of promoting your product of service. Horizontal or vertical, long or short, fat or thin, they can be used indoors and outdoors as a means of providing new product/service information or simply to maintain brand awareness.

Before commissioning your banner, decide how you wish it to be displayed. Options include:

  • X-frame. Attached to each corner. Less expensive, lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Retractable stand. Banner rolls into base after use. Hard wearing, protects banner.
  • Pop-up stand. Portable, though more cumbersome that a standard X-frame. Higher cost but covers an impressive area and creates a strong image.
  • Hung. The most common form of display. Make sure you have suitable ropes and easy access to where they are fastened — banners hung outside sag over time and need adjusting.
  • Outdoor banner frame. Portable, though not without some effort. Secures banner against worst of weather.
  • Pole Gives a flag-like appearance. Eye-catching and unusual. Easy to erect and place.

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions around banner printing.

Banner printing FAQs

Can vinyl banners be recycled?

Vinyl (PVC) banners can be reused for different campaigns. This involves sending your banner to a company that specialising in preparing your old banner ready for a new image. Conversely, there are also artisans out there who will turn the material into objects far removed from banners, such as bags and jackets. However, because of the type of polymer used to make vinyl banners, the material cannot be melted down and recycled in that way.

Many banners are affixed using special grommets and ropes. This entire mechanism ca n be reused on later banners.

What resolution do I need for banner printing?

This will depend on how it will be used. Because this type of large format printing material is not designed to be observed up close, it is not necessary to produce the image to a high resolution such as 300dpi. It is recommended that your image has a minimum resolution of around 75dpi,

What’s the longest banner you can produce?

Banners can be printed in sections which are later joined together, meaning banners can be produced to any length that is practical.

The variable factor in banner printing is the width. At Purely Digital, we can produce banners to the following maximum width:

  • Paper — 1.6m
  • Vinyl — 2.2m

What material is available for printing banners?

The most common material used in banner printing is PVC, which is weatherproof and durable. However, banners can be printed on a range of materials, including:

  • Mesh PVC. This perforated PVC is lightweight and performs well in windy conditions.
  • Foamex. Another PVC material, this time with a foam-like feel. Foamex is easy to manipulate and can produce a smooth finish.
  • Acrylic. Hard but inflexible. Suitable for permanent or semi-permanent banners.
  • Dibond plastic sandwiched between aluminium.
  • Metal. More suitable for permanent banners. May be affected by weathering.
  • Wood. Creates and ‘authentic’ look. Requires some upkeep.

To find out more about the large format printing on offer at Purely Digital, click here.


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