Custom Scratch Cards – How They Can Help Your Business Grow

12 January 2017

Games are fun…and activities involving a small challenge or a random chance of reward are hard to resist. It is precisely the entertaining aspect of scratch cards that makes them a unique and successful marketing tool.

Why use scratch cards?

Two elements of scratch cards make them stand out from other forms of marketing material. They…:

  • are interactive
  • involve an element of chance

These features are useful for a business because they spark interest and encourage participation. By allowing prospective customers to actively engage in a game of chance, they are no longer just passively receiving marketing information; rather, they have chosen to devote some of their time to your game and are invested in the outcome. This will ultimately increase the likelihood of users contacting you in the future.


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Why customising a scratch card is so effective

With a customised scratch card, you get a flyer, business card and survey all rolled into one. Customising your scratch cards allows you to:

  • make your design as eye-catching and memorable as possible
  • promote your latest offerings
  • include contact details to your website

The type of ‘game’ that users are presented with is up to you, as are the prizes or offers contained under the scratch zones.


Whichever way you choose to customise your cards, the important thing is that players are ultimately directed towards your business or website, where they can:

  • find out about the prizes they have won
  • receive information about new products or services

Top Tip: By making every card a winner — even if they contain mostly smaller prizes interspersed with a selection of larger ones — you guarantee that players wishing to pick up their prizes will have to send in their details, which you can then use as marketing leads.

Why personalise your scratch card?

By personalising your scratch cards you can include unique serial numbers on your print run. These will help you:

  • know which prizes have been won and which remain
  • work out which area of distribution has returned the best results
  • track where your leads have come from

How scratch cards work

Most of you will have seen a scratch card at some point in your life, so you’ll know that they usually come as small ticket-sized coupons featuring a removable coating that can be scrapped away using a coin or fingernail.

This coating is often made from either:

  • Latex: Rub-remove latex, as the name suggests, is a liquid latex material that, once applied, can be removed through vigorous rubbing.
  • Foil: Scratch-off foil is a more secure option with an expensive-looking finish. It is applied in a similar manner to other hot foils used in printing.

Printed on the card underneath the coating is a word or image that notifies the player whether they have won or lost, or the nature of the prize they have won.

Popular prizes offered on customised scratch cards include:

  • a free product from the company’s product range
  • a buy-one-get-one-free offer
  • money off your next purchase
  • a cash prize

To acquire the prize, it is usually necessary to either visit the company’s store or contact the business through some other means — by e-mail or through the post.

Simply by collecting a name and address, the company that commissioned the scratch card has already recorded useful marketing information. Which details you choose to collect from the player is up to you; however, the more you demand of the user, the less likely they will be to send in their details.

How can scratch cards help your business?

Scratch cards are a useful way to draw attention to new products, as well as remind old customers that you are still in business.

The following are all reasons why you might use scratch cards:

Pull in new customers

Scratch cards are a great way to let people know that you are in business. If players are happy with the free product or service they have received, they will be more likely to move their custom over to you.

Fun way to advertise new stock

Whether you have released a new product range, opened a new location or launched a new service, scratch cards are an irresistible way of drawing attention to your latest developments.

Remind existing customers that you are still here and active

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to let your regular customers know what you are doing, especially if you have launched something recently that they may not be aware of.

Focus resources on slow-moving product ranges

If your usual advertising strategy just isn’t working as well as you’d liked, it might be time to take a two-pronged attack. Offering 50% off certain products as a prize will encourage people to buy these items, increasing their circulation and potentially improving future sales due to their increased visibility among the public.

Acquiring new leads

Scratch cards prove invaluable for collecting data from winners wishing to collect their prizes. This application has numerous possibilities.

Good for the company image

Playing a scratch card generates positive feelings, as do free gifts. Scratch cards are a great way of positioning your business as a fun brand.

Advertise a new location

Scratch cards aren’t just about collecting data; you may want to attract people to a new location. This is easily done by requiring that the players pick up their prize from your newly opened store premises.

Recapture past customers

There can be many reasons why customers might jump ship to a rival firm: ease of location, different range of products etc. Sometimes all it takes is to remind old customers that you’re still in business and they will come back into the fold.

Alert people to a trade show you will be attending

Preparation is the key to a successful trade show appearance, and part of that is creating anticipation and excitement among your customers prior to the event. Get your current and prospective customers along to the show by sending them all customised scratch cards. When they arrive to claim their prize you can talk about what your company can do for them.

How to distribute your scratch cards

There are several ways that businesses can choose to give out their scratch cards. These include:

  • alongside certain products
  • by request — supply information on marketing material telling people how they can be sent the scratch cards
  • sent out to customers inside a newsletter or other form of mail

Using scratch cards to acquire new leads

A great benefit of scratch cards is their ability to generate web traffic through traditional offline marketing. Personalising each card with its own serial number will help you track the progress of your campaign.

Step 1:  Design your scratch card. This may follow an existing promotional strategy or be a one-off idea.

Step 2:  Include a motif for the game. Keep it simple by placing a code under the scratch-off that must be entered online. Or be creative and design a fruit machine-style challenge with its own unique illustrations.

Step 3: Create a web page that players will visit to type in their code and enter details (name, address, e-mail, reasons for playing) to discover the prize they have won.

Step 4:  Distribute the scratch cards among your target audience — existing customers, new prospects, random players.

Step 5:  Use the players’ information to form customer profiles and create marketing leads.

If your marketing strategy is feeling a bit stale and is coming up empty, scratch cards are a quick and easy way to reach out to new and existing customers. Simple to design, easy to execute, offering quick results: scratch cards are a cost-effective way to raise your profile and improve your standing in the market.

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