Why you should never use printed advertising for your business


Printing advertising is a terrible way to get people’s attention. As the internet already conquered all the market sectors, why would you even bother to print your marketing?

It looks like everybody is doing their marketing online. Even if you check your letterbox, you will notice less printed magazines, adverts and letters than you used to receive five years ago.

Do you want your potential customers to see just your advert, in their letterbox and consider you and your business rusty?

Email campaigns have replaced printed mail campaigns some long time ago and all our happy about it. I am sure that you read all your emails every day, compare different offers from different retailers and pay attention to the detail of each email that contains the word ‘sale’ or ‘offer’ in the title.

Add ‘amazing’ or ‘don’t miss’ and you got yourself an effective email campaign, right?

What about the customer’s retention? Who will remember a printed foiled or embossed piece of paper. Gold, red, silver, green or blue, what is the difference? An email or a Facebook post is much more effective, isn’t it? Why bother to target your audience when you can target all the people following you on Facebook?

At some point, you might seriously wonder what is the point of printing promotional materials for your business. Especially if you manage an online store or you provide services.
Agree? Would you waste your time and money for a printed marketing campaign?

On a more serious note, thinking that printing is outdated and ineffective is exactly what will keep your business from developing and if you are misfortunate enough, even shut it down.

Adaptability is the key to success in the constantly changing business environment nowadays. Compared to how promotion and marketing was carried out ten years ago, today we have a variety of new methods of getting our business known and create a strong brand name.

Social media, email campaigns, surveys, and personalisation have enabled us to reach people all over the world and get results nobody believed possible in the past. Still,  printing marketing has always been used by businesses from various markets and industries. Why?

Its not rocket science. The answer is simple. How many times have you found yourself playing with a flyer or a business card or just browsing a booklet? Even if you don’t realise, at a subconscious level, a hard copy of any type of promotional material will come back to your memory when you will need the services or products that you have seen advertised in the flyer that ended as a paper plane last month. Interaction with your public is the secret superpower of print.

What are the opportunities now? Why is print for you?

Just think about it! The big players on every industry have always used print to promote themselves. No matter how good the results from social media and online marketing were, flyers, brochures and leaflets have always been there.

Print gives you the freedom and power to use your imagination to show your customers what you are doing in a way that will make them want to buy your products.

Would you do business with someone that doesn’t bother to print a business card? Why not?
Its not the business card that makes a difference, but the quality of the product or service they offer. Isn’t it?

Although a business card doesn’t always reflect the quality of a business, the lack of it will definitely have serious implications when it comes to your business credibility.

And that’s exactly why printed marketing will always be a strong strategic marketing tool, no matter how fast the market and economy changes, you still want your customers and partners to TRUST you and associate you and your business with INTEGRITY, QUALITY and PROFESSIONALISM.

The reason printed materials make a difference is, it shows you pay attention to detail, you care about the way people see you and think about your business.

Last but not least, ensure your printed materials, that people will see and associate your business with, are printed in the only way that makes it matter. Premium.

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