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Sweet success is getting greener

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Purely Digital has completed its first job on paper produced from bagasse – the fibrous waste product from sugar cane mills.

The sugar cane is first crushed to extract the juice and the fibrous residue from the stalks is then used in the production of pulp and paper products.

Nearly 3 tonnes of wet bagasse are left from 10 tonnes of sugar cane. Environmentally, paper produced from bagasse has the additional advantage of requiring less bleaching chemicals than wood pulp to produce a bright white paper.

The paper is also FSC Mixed Source!

To make certain our prints are up to standard we ensure they are printed on FSC paper, as well as being 100% ECF Virgin Fibre. Although we are no longer FSC accredited, we have instead chosen to assign the fees paid through the administration of the FSC, to a scheme with the Woodland Trust called the Carbon Capture Scheme. You can read all about the Carbon Capture Scheme on our Purely Green page.