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HP Helps Expand Digital Printing Portfolios

Friday, April 30th, 2010

The recently held IPEX 2010 Exhibition was the perfectly opportunity for digital companies begin to outlining future plans with regards to their product ranges in order to generate a buzz. HP are no different to this tactic and as such, have announced their plans to expand its graphic arts portfolio which will assist customers in printing top quality, high value materials as well as help them capture a larger share of the $124 billion global digital printing market.

Aiming to deliver a strategy that will help drive the transformation of analogue-to-digital, HP have announced their intentions to introduce a range of digital printing presses and large format printers, while also revealing significant progress in reducing the environmental impact of printing.

With an already broad portfolio of products, HP will attempt to help print service providers grow their business with new, high-value digital applications such as packaging printing and large format signage programs.

In the past year, the printing industry has experienced a significant increase in the demand for digital colour printing, whereas demand for analogue printing has declined. It has been suggested that growth has been assisted by developments in technology such as Apple’s iPad.

With continued development and investment in technology, it can be suggested that the market is shifting towards digital print solutions as more and more people require improvements in quality and productivity, something which digital printing delivers.

The exhibition didn’t disappoint and future improvements were highlighted in colour printing, commercial printing and high quality photo printing which featured heavily across the many exhibits.