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Heidelberg to Re-Enter Digital Printing

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Here at Purely Digital HQ, we’re always keen to keep on top of developments in the world of Digital print. It was therefore interesting this week to see that Heidelberg, the German manufacturer of offset printing presses had announced their intentions to “re-enter” the digital printing market with a new strategy.

Justifying their re-entry into the digital printing market, Heidelberg outlined their belief that digital print plays a very important role in the printing industry and as such, they would be looking to maximise their presence by teaming up with a digital print vendor over the next year in order to introduce a range of digital printing technologies and printing solutions.

Having emerged as an industrial leader in the field of offset printing press manufacturing, Heidelberg currently has several partnerships with digital print producers and is keen to add to their impressive portfolio by teaming up with a technologies partner who can help them offer a range of digital print equipment to its customer base.

Rumours of Heidelberg’s return to the digital arena first emerged in January, before confirming their intentions in March. Upon their return, apart from developing business relations with digital print producers, Heidelberg are also planning to release a series of printing products aimed at SME’s and iPhone applications.