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Business Cards And Why You Should Have Them

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Although it might perhaps appear to be only a small and simple thing a business card can be very useful and can help to promote interest in you or your company. It is for this reason that you should ensure you have the best quality business card you can have in terms of both design and manufacture. There are many different types of card that you can have printed and there are various companies who can provide them.

Nearly every organisation and the people who work for them will have some sort of a business card which they can give to people who are interested or to business partners. You want your card to stand out if you will be competing against other people for business. Cards come in all different styles with different fonts and graphics. One way to make your business card look more interesting is through purchasing foil stamped business cards. Foil stamp printing is a technique which allows you to have a flashier looking and eye catching business card.

Foil stamping or printing is an exciting way of printing texts and designs. The process is not too complicated and works on the basis of heat transferring the colour onto the printed card or document. A commonly used method for foil stamping is to prepare the design you want to be foil stamped, cover the design with your chosen colour and material and heat it so that the colour transfers to the design. Foil stamping is a method which is available from companies who specialise in printing and print design. This approach is also thought to be an environmentally friendly method of printing as it does not necessarily involve the use of ink and doesn’t release any chemicals. If you do decide that you want to get some foil stamped business cards then there is wide choice of styles and designs. Foil stamped items don’t necessarily have to by glossy and shiny as it is also possible to have items foil stamped using dull or matt materials. You can also get your cards embossed or with a glossy finish. Business cards are not the only item you may require and you may find that you need a range of personalised stationary and promotional materials.

If you are trying to promote your business then it is important that you convey all of the necessary information for potential clients and customer through you materials. As well as your business cards you might also decide to have promotional materials and publications printed for you and again there are a range of styles and printing techniques that can be used for these as well.

If you are setting up a new business or you already work for one but need to freshen up its image and promotional materials then you should consider getting new ones printed. A business card helps to spread interest in you and can promote business and opportunities which is why it is essential that it looks the part.

The Best Binding

Friday, October 28th, 2011

When it comes to printing and publishing there is one element which is vitally important but its importance can often be overlooked entirely; the book binding plays a very key role. There are many different types of binding which can be used depending on what it is that is being bound, what it will be used for and how it needs to be constructed and presented. Bindings can range from spiral or metal bound to glue and chemical bonding or stitching. Each of these types have different benefits and uses. Many people will no doubt be required to have something printed and bound at some point whether for professional or personal use.

Many of you who attend university will no doubt have to write a thesis or dissertation which will in turn need to be printed and bound. If you want to make it look attractive then you will probably decide to have it bound using a glue in the form of a book. This makes it look attractive and it can be something for you to keep to show to people. A similar approach to having your work bound with glue is to have it bound using saddle stitching. Saddle stitching is a more traditional method of binding a book or documents together. If you are having several copies of something printed and bound to give out to people you may find it easier to have it bound with wire.

It might be the case that you have written a novel or some other piece of work and you want to have it published so that you can show it to people or give copies away. If this is the case then you can get your work printed and bound in a number of ways. You will have various options and can choose which the best one for presenting your work is. The different options will usually vary in price but if you have produced something which you are proud of and you wish to show it off then why not get your work bound properly and stylishly to reflect this. Binding a book with glue usually involves hot melt or polyurethane reactive glue. This can be done using different types of adhesives all of which provide a good quality binding for your book or publication. This approach to book binding is more modern than the traditional approach of saddle stitching but they both work equally as well.

Whatever it is that you want to get bound you want to make sure that you settle on the best binding for your work which will bind it well and add to its appearance. The art of binding books has been around for many centuries now and it continues to change and improve with new methods, materials and approaches. Although it might seem to be a minor role in your work the binding is actually one of the most important elements and so it is essential that you get it right.

The art of foil printing

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

If you need to have something printed then there are many different methods and techniques of printing some of which use inks, others use heat and others use large presses. Each different way of printing has its different uses and requires a variety of skills to do it.

One type of printing which is slightly more unique and interesting is known as foil stamping or foil printing. Foil printing or stamping differs from other more traditional styles of printing as it doesn’t use traditional inks. As the name suggests, foil stamping or printing uses different coloured foils to transfer colour to printed text and patterns. Although it has been around for many decades now, foil printing is still a relatively new approach in comparison to other types of printing. Foil printing works through applying a piece of foil to whatever it is you wish to have coloured and then heating it up so that the colour from the foil gets transferred to the print.

Using hot foil printing and stamping can create an effect that other sorts of printing might not be able to reproduce so easily. Having your work printed using hot foil stamping can make it stand out from other things. It is possible to have the foil stamping process applied to many different items. You can get business cards printed which use foil printing to make them stand out from the competition and make them more eye catching. Front covers of books or academic work can also have the same process applied to give them a professional looking finish. Foil embossing can also be used to give books a good looking finish and is a popular trend. There are various types of foil printing and stamping and different machines which can be used depending on what it is that is required.

If you do decide to have something foil stamped or printed it doesn’t necessarily have to be done with a bright or shiny finish as it is possible to use foil which creates a matt finish. You should therefore be apply to use the process for whatever purpose you need whether it is business cards, your dissertation or a book.

Many people decide to use foil stamping and printing not only for the great results and finish but also for the environmental reasons. As foil stamping and printing doesn’t usually require any additional ink to be used it is seen as more environmentally friendly as it doesn’t use harmful chemicals. It is also possible to have things printed on responsibly sourced paper. If you choose to have your business materials and information printed on responsibly sourced paper used environmentally friendly methods then this could promote interest in your company or business.

Whatever your printing needs might be, it is definitely worth investigating using foil stamping or printing for your work. This is the method of printing which will help to make your printed items stand out and give them a very professional looking and eye catching finish.