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Work Experience at Purely Digital Ltd

Friday, July 18th, 2014


Over the past two weeks we’ve had two students in for work experience, they’ve created their own Business Cards, got to grips with Adobe Creative Suite, sent their own Email Campaign and here is a little blog they have written.


I’m Jamie, a year 10 student at Woodlands school Allestree, I’ve carried out my work experience at Purely Digital for the last two weeks.
Previously I had no real experience of work and have never had a job that requires the skills I learnt whilst working at Purely Digital.
During my time here I’ve learnt how to use several design programs in the Adobe Creative Suite, InDesign and Illustrator, the ability to confidently hold a conversation with co-workers and be punctual.
My listening skills have been put to the test, as I had to listen carefully to instructions given and had to carefully observe tasks.
Previous to my time at Purely Digital I didn’t know much about the “world of work” particularly in the digital print industry, or business in general, I now feel I know a lot more and have gained many additional skills because of it.
Through activities at Purely Digital I have learnt the importance of responsibility, I believe this will help me in the future, both in academic and non-academic activities. I came to work at Purely Digital because I enjoy the design aspect of creating products and wanted to see how it translated into the world of business and profit making organisations.
Purely Digital is a family run company which specialises in digitally printing designs for many high profile customers in a range of formats like business card booklets, posters, ring binders, booklets, invitations and a variety of other formats.
I have learnt about the business and how profit organisations are run by producing work to tight deadlines, I have also learnt how to organise myself better and be productive by assisting others, instead of just sitting around.
I would recommend other people to take part in work experience at Purely Digital or another company as you learn many vital skills needed for work which you could not learn by simply being in school.  Reflecting on my time here I feel i have learnt a lot and have gained experience on how to work well in a professional environment.  I feel I can take these skills and apply them when going back to school next term and eventually apply them when the time comes to apply for a job.


My name is Danielle, I am 15 years old and am a year 10 student at Woodlands school Allestree.  I worked for Purely Digital from the 14/7/14 to 18/7/14 and it benefited me greatly as when I’m older I would like to run my own business, so working for Purely Digital has enabled me to experience all aspects of running a business, the processes and hard work involved from the sales staff taking orders to the production staff ensuring orders are printed, finished and dispatched correctly to ensure a happy customer.
During my time here I learnt a range of skills which I believe will help me in my working life such as how to use certain design programmes, developing my communication and listening skills by communicating with members of staff in the business, which I believe I did well.
I learned to be punctual, responsible and organised as I had to walk an hour to work every day. I had to manage my time in the morning so I would not be late for work. In addition to this I learned to be productive, which I believe is a valuable skill this will greatly benefit me when I get a job.
Purely Digital is a digital print business which offers a variety of high quality products in a variety of finishes. I chose to work here to get an understanding of what it is like to work in a business and to see if it would be something I would like to do as a career when I am older.
To summarise I have enjoyed my time working at Purely Digital and I feel I have learned a lot from the experience. Also I would recommend others to work here to enable them to have the same outcome I received, having learnt important life skills which can only be learnt in the workplace.
I would especially recommend working at Purely Digital to anyone who wants to run their own business when they are older or are interested in learning about how businesses are run, however even if you are not interested in this area then lots of valuable skills can still be learnt as all businesses need to make a profit to succeed.
Overall I am happy with the time I spent working in the professional environment of Purely Digital’s business and I am going to apply the skills I have learnt in both the academic and non-academic areas of my life for a successful future.