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3 Reasons why print trumps digital every time

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018
3 Reasons why print trumps digital

Some things are just better said in print. So excuse the irony of this blog post as we present three of our leading reasons why print will always prevail over digital media. This article is a big nod to corporate printing services and why Purely Digital can bring your marketing needs to the forefront of your business.

It’s no secret that we’re passionate about print as we offer corporate printing services. Call us a little bias, but no other form of communication compares to the look, feel, and overall experience — especially in today’s prolific age of digital media.

Don’t get us wrong; both print and digital marketing have their advantages and disadvantages. But to stay in the competition and gain a lead you’ll want something that will engage your audience and get your brand noticed. And whilst there’s always a time and a cause for digital media, we firmly believe print reigns supreme.


Whilst every business is vying for attention in the crowded market space, only one can truly stand out in the minds and hearts of their target customers. Using print as part of your marketing and promotional activities is a great way of achieving just that. What with all the tweets, emails and texts bombarding us everyday, its easy to become anaesthetised to digital communications. Print, on the other hand, is undeniably eye-catching.

Print-readers also tend to be more focussed than web surfers, who often have multiple tabs open in their browser, which makes them easily distracted and far less receptive. Attention spans have declined in recent years due to phones and the Internet. Consequently, a majority of digital ads and promos get seen in passing, but not truly digested.

The average user sees 1,903 online ads per month yet 50 percent of users never click on digital ads (Info Link)



What’s more, digital ads can also be considered more of an annoyance than anything else because of their ubiquity. The time taken to design, craft and deliver a well thought out piece of print exudes far more quality and authenticity. In fact, a previous study showed more confidence in printed material compared to digital. Not only that but print advertising is found to induce better memory retention and creates a more emotionally charged response, connecting them to your brand.

Memorable experiences

Can you remember the last email you opened? Nope, neither can we. The thrill of receiving yet another newsletter/cat meme/Nigerian Prince Scam has long since turned into a worn-out novelty of sorts. Most of us can barely recall our last text message. What about the last package you opened? Or the last time you cracked the seal on a beautifully finished envelope? We can all remember the excitement we felt opening presents, not knowing what they may contain. There’s something truly satisfying about the whole process, even when you do know what’s inside.

Apple famously employ a dedicated ‘Box Opener’ to help test, refine, and deliver the perfect experience when it comes to opening up product packaging. That’s how important it is to the overall customer experience. It’s no wonder, then, that unboxing videos have grown in popularity over the years — with some reaching the 2 billion views mark on YouTube.

The tactile experience of opening up card and paper will always resonate more strongly with customers than clicking on a two-dimensional button behind a screen.

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Corporate print services integrate multiple media seamlessly

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages to print is versatile messaging. By this, we mean the message within your printed communication is not constrained to the confines of print, nor is the printed material itself necessarily bound to a single message.

Adding QR codes, links, and other calls-to-action is a great way of directing audiences to other platforms like your website or social media.

3 Reasons print trumps digital

Why Purely Digital believes corporate printing services can be better than digital marketing

In addition to driving more traffic and broadening your brand awareness, this is a really effective way of reaching out to different audiences by integrating their preferred choice of media to deliver your message.

It also gives you the opportunity to craft different messages tailored and targeted to each of those aforementioned audiences. This is something you can’t really do when prioritising digital media first, as it just isn’t practical; asking people to refer back to printed literature they may not have to hand, or may not have the time or patience for.

So there you have it! Three of our leading reasons why print trumps digital media every time. Want to know more? We can help bring your ideas to life, make your business look great, and enhance your marketing with print. Get in touch here.