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We’re a clean, green tree-planting printing machine

Thursday, October 31st, 2019
Purely Digital Printing


As a printing company we recognise the impact our work, and the perceived impact our industry in particular, can have on trees, as well as the potential impact on the world that this can have. This is why it is so important to us that we offset our work, which we do in a variety of different ways.

Back in 2008, at the birth of Purely Digital, we began our environmental journey and looked into ways that we could use renewable energy within the business. We started this by using energy from EON generated by wind farms.

Then, in 2013, we discovered the Premier Paper Group’s Carbon Capture scheme, which aims to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions generated by the production, storage and distribution of paper. So we instantly signed up!

To date, our efforts has enabled Purely Digital to create over 2,000㎡ of new native woodland to remove more than 80,000kg of Carbon Dioxide.

As part of the scheme, for each tonne of paper that we have purchased from Premier Paper, £8.50 has been paid to the Woodland Trust to go towards planting trees to create new areas of native woodland in the UK.

But that didn’t feel enough, we wanted to do more. Whilst the Carbon Capture scheme offsets the manufacture and transport of paper to our premises, we wanted to do something about all the carbon that our work emits. So in 2015, we became the first UK printer to take part in the full capture scheme whereby all the carbon we produce as a business is offset. Even now, four years on, there are only a handful of other printing companies UK wide taking part!

Since joining the scheme we have become a Certified Carbon Capture Company which enables us to offset every single bit of CO2 that we emit as a company, including the printed paper we produce.

So far, Purely Digital alone has been responsible for the planting of over 2,000m2 of trees to remove over 80,000kg of carbon dioxide, something which we are very proud of, particularly as that number is increasing daily.

For the next step of our offsetting journey we are going to be rolling up our sleeves, grabbing a spade and getting out in the great outdoors to get planting!

Purely Digital Printing

The Premier Paper Group and The Woodland Trust hold planting days where everyone participating in the scheme, along with their clients, can get involved in getting the trees in the ground. On November 21st, to mark National Tree Week, we are thrilled to be joining in with a planting day close to home. We’ll be heading to Mead near Heanor in Derbyshire, which is the newest area to be acquired by the Woodland Trust and will be the first Young People’s Forest.

Our aim is to plant 150 trees in one day!

Why 150? It is said that everyone on the planet would need to plant 150 trees to reverse the damage that carbon emissions have caused over the past 10 years alone.

The planting day is also part of The Big Climate Fightback, a Woodland Trust campaign to get one million people to join the fight against climate change by pledging to plant a tree before the end of November this year.

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