Advertising your products to a wider market

Marketing your business can be a very tough job. You may think you have the best business plan in the world with the best products but if no-one knows about you, you are never going to make any sales. Businesses that charge higher prices than yours and offer a lower quality of service may be more competitive than you are because they have an exceptional marketing strategy that draws customers in. If you want to succeed in today’s business environment, especially during a recession, you have to market your business well.

A good way to initially draw people into your business is to hold an opening event or launch party. A digital printing company will be able to provide you with some very professional looking invitations which you can send to any clients from your past employment, friends, family and other people who fall into your target market. For example, if you are opening a gift shop in a small town, you should send an invite to everyone in the town as they are likely to be your main market base. Duplex printing should be used to fit as much information onto one small card as possible. Printing the name of the event and the name of the business on one side and some more information on the other will make people want to find out more about your business and what it offers.

After you have made people aware of your business, you have to make sure they not only keep coming back to you but that they tell other people about you as well. Word of mouth is one of the best ways of promotion, especially if you operate in a small geographic area or a small niche market. One way of making sure people come back to you is to have a professional looking brochure that lists your products. If you give people a brochure when they come into your shop, they will take it home to look at the products you sell and perhaps show it to other people as well. If each person shares your brochure with one friend or relative you could potentially double your sales revenue.

Using flyers is also a good way of attracting people to your business, especially if you are trying to expand your market. After you have set up a strong local or niche market you may want to explore other avenues. For example, you might start giving out flyers in the next village or town to try and attract people to your business. You may decide to give flyers to other businesses that you may be able to work with. A double sided, high quality flyer will catch someone’s eye and perhaps lead them to call up your store or check out its website.

Marketing is vital and, if you use a bit of common sense, it can be very easy to do. Think about your target market and what you can do to attract them, and then make it happen!

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