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Brochures and Booklets are a great addition to your company’s marketing toolkit – they represent a traditional and tangible form of marketing that personalises your business and showcases your products or services in an engaging way.

People still love to pick up physical brochures and booklets, they can feel like a novelty in this digital age! A well-designed brochure that reflects your brands image and vision can be an invaluable marketing tool that is shared amongst your target audience.

We have extensive experience printing and binding brochures and booklets and can help you find the right solution for your business to create maximum impact and stand out. See below for some inspiration or get in touch to discuss your requirements…

What is the best binding solution for my printed document?

There are a variety of ways we can bind your brochure or document, see below for details of the most common, but don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss these or other options with our experts…

Saddle Stich Brochures open

Saddle Stitch

Saddle stitching is one of the most affordable binding options, so long as your documents do not contain more than 80 pages. It generally works best on thinner books, particularly brochures, with wire stitching applied along the spine to hold the pages together. Visit our binding page ‘Saddle Stitch & Wire Bound’ for more info. 

Green printed brochures with PUR glue binding

PUR Binding

Perfect binding uses high-quality glue to join the pages of a document, delivering a smooth and stylish finish. It is ideal for documents of between 16 and 160 pages and because of the professional-looking result, is typically used when binding brochures, catalogues and annual reports.

brochure with wiro binding

Spiral Binding & Wiro Binding

Spiral binding is often the best solution for documents of between 180 and 360 pages. That’s because there’s no fold or solid spine — holes are instead punched into the flat covers and pages before the wire is threaded and crimped at each end to keep everything in place. Common colours for the wires are silver, black, white, blue, green, red and a variety of metallics. Unlike spiral binding — which is as the name suggests — wiro binding resembles a ‘C’ shape; whereby one side is threaded through each hole and then closed together by squeezing the two sides together to form an ‘O’ shape ring.

Personalised printed brochures with nickel binding

Nickel Screw Binding

Nickel Screw binding is ideal for making swatches, brochures, albums, menu’s, etc. They are simple to use and easy to unbind if you need to change up the contents. Binding screw sizes are from 2mm to 50mm binding capacity. The size of the binding screw is the capacity it will take.

brochures with thread sewn binding

Singer Sewn Binding

Sewn binding is a method of book binding using what looks like a traditional sewing machine. The flat collated pages are sewn down the centre into the cover or case. This is then folded over to produce the finished book. Singer sewn binding or thread stitched binding is perfect to give a traditional finish to a printed document. One simple line of sewing holds the collated pages together so the finished book is secure, stylish and opens flat. 

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