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Looking back at 2019 — What a year!

Friday, December 20th, 2019


It looks as though the print has finally run dry on 2019, but before we go ahead and grab a fresh batch for 2020, we wanted to take a moment to both celebrate and reflect on what has been a pretty outstanding year.

From taking part in one of the UK’s biggest and most impactful environmental initiatives, to enhancing our printing capabilities through the acquisition of cutting-edge technologies — here are just a few highlights that truly make us smile.

Celebrating local businesses and talent

February and March were awards season. And while Team Purely wasn’t quite lucky enough to bag a seat at the Brits (maybe next year!), or rub shoulders on the red carpet, we were privileged to be involved at this year’s Mainframe Awards.

The prestigious event, which takes place at Derby’s Quad, is a celebration of our city’s creative and digital industries — and in 2019, Purely had the honour of producing the awards handed out to everybody shortlisted at the finals.

Each award was meticulously crafted using a 3D printer, sculpted out of an environmentally friendly material. This was achieved with our newly acquired Makerbot Replicator+ — allowing for precision 3D printing in a variety of complex shapes and formations.

For us, it was a massive pleasure to attend the shortlisting ceremony and to see the nominees receive their awards was a spectacular moment. As a Derby-based business, we’re extremely passionate about celebrating local successes, particularly those attributed to local businesses.

To that end, we were also thrilled to have a presence at Derbyshire Live’s Top 200 Businesses launch event. It was yet another fantastic showing of our city’s most successful and prosperous enterprises, and our MD, Andy, was delighted to represent Purely Digital alongside the likes of Rolls Royce and Bombardier.

Investing in new technologies

Our addition of a new 3D printer was just one in a long line of new equipment upgrades this year. Investment in new, modern and cutting-edge technologies not only enhances our capabilities but also greatly enables us to meet the needs of our customers in an efficient and timely manner. To this end, we invested in a new Matrix 530 Metallic Pneumatic — an exceptional piece of kit, which allows for high-quality metallic foiling at a much lower cost than the traditional plate-pressed method.

This new foiling technique has already prompted high praise and positive feedback from our customers; many of which have already begun to take advantage of the features on offer to bring their printed material to life. From our perspective, the end results are certainly more stylish and sophisticated compared to some other methods of foiling — and we can’t wait to truly flex our foiling muscles in the New Year.

Putting our planet first

For a very long time now — back when we first started, to be precise — Purely Digital has always made efforts to reduce our environmental impact, maximising the ways we can help save the planet as much as possible. And at the start of the year, we launched our Purely Green Initiative, outlining all the different ways we’re committed to reducing CO2.

This culminated in our participation at one of the UK’s biggest environmental initiatives, planting 150 trees to populate The Woodland Trust’s first Young People’s Forest near Heanor in Derbyshire. The event was attended by more than 300 people and businesses from across the region — including a few environmental figureheads, such as the BBC’s acclaimed and respected Countryfile presenter Julia Bradbury.

A total of 13,000 were planted on the day, which will help offset CO2 emissions while serving as a poignant and prominent reminder that we all have a role to play in the global fight against climate change.

On that note, from everybody at Team Purely, here’s to an even bigger and better year ahead!

We’re a clean, green tree-planting printing machine

Thursday, October 31st, 2019
Purely Digital Printing


As a printing company we recognise the impact our work, and the perceived impact our industry in particular, can have on trees, as well as the potential impact on the world that this can have. This is why it is so important to us that we offset our work, which we do in a variety of different ways.

Back in 2008, at the birth of Purely Digital, we began our environmental journey and looked into ways that we could use renewable energy within the business. We started this by using energy from EON generated by wind farms.

Then, in 2013, we discovered the Premier Paper Group’s Carbon Capture scheme, which aims to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions generated by the production, storage and distribution of paper. So we instantly signed up!

To date, our efforts has enabled Purely Digital to create over 2,000㎡ of new native woodland to remove more than 80,000kg of Carbon Dioxide.

As part of the scheme, for each tonne of paper that we have purchased from Premier Paper, £8.50 has been paid to the Woodland Trust to go towards planting trees to create new areas of native woodland in the UK.

But that didn’t feel enough, we wanted to do more. Whilst the Carbon Capture scheme offsets the manufacture and transport of paper to our premises, we wanted to do something about all the carbon that our work emits. So in 2015, we became the first UK printer to take part in the full capture scheme whereby all the carbon we produce as a business is offset. Even now, four years on, there are only a handful of other printing companies UK wide taking part!

Since joining the scheme we have become a Certified Carbon Capture Company which enables us to offset every single bit of CO2 that we emit as a company, including the printed paper we produce.

So far, Purely Digital alone has been responsible for the planting of over 2,000m2 of trees to remove over 80,000kg of carbon dioxide, something which we are very proud of, particularly as that number is increasing daily.

For the next step of our offsetting journey we are going to be rolling up our sleeves, grabbing a spade and getting out in the great outdoors to get planting!

Purely Digital Printing

The Premier Paper Group and The Woodland Trust hold planting days where everyone participating in the scheme, along with their clients, can get involved in getting the trees in the ground. On November 21st, to mark National Tree Week, we are thrilled to be joining in with a planting day close to home. We’ll be heading to Mead near Heanor in Derbyshire, which is the newest area to be acquired by the Woodland Trust and will be the first Young People’s Forest.

Our aim is to plant 150 trees in one day!

Why 150? It is said that everyone on the planet would need to plant 150 trees to reverse the damage that carbon emissions have caused over the past 10 years alone.

The planting day is also part of The Big Climate Fightback, a Woodland Trust campaign to get one million people to join the fight against climate change by pledging to plant a tree before the end of November this year.

Click here to read more about Purely Digital’s green policies and find out more here about Premier’s Paper work with The Woodland Trust.

Vivid Lamination – What makes it stand out

Thursday, June 27th, 2019


We have taken our foil prints to the next level. From digital designs to a flawless print, we now welcome a new piece of equipment to the Purely family. The Matrix 530 Metallic Pneumatic will enable us to produce a much greater quality of print for our digital foil.

The magic behind this brilliant invention is in the pneumatic rollers with thermostatic temperature control. This makes a perfect combination with the heavy, even-pressured rollers and the precision heat; giving us the ability to minimise the amount of foil waste, making our prints more economically and environmentally friendly.

And it gets better! Not only is it more efficient, but we are now able to deliver foil prints on a wider variety of paper stock, coated and uncoated.

Obviously, everything has its own limit and the vivid lamination is no exception. There is certain uncoated paper stock that this method does not work well with; one, for example, would be popset paper stock, but other than that, as long as the print is no bigger than A3, the possibilities are endless.

Compared to the regular foil lamination, we’ve definitely noticed a huge difference in the quality of our prints. Whereas we previously needed to use lamination for the foiling process of the prints, we now no longer require it as the foil sticks directly to the ink that’s printed onto the paper stock provided and nothing else.

Now you may be asking, “if the foil sticks to the ink, would it stick to the areas you don’t want?” To answer this question, yes it would, which is why we’d first print the design that needed foiling onto the stock and once it is foiled, we would then print on the rest of the design, leaving a high quality and flawless finish.

This will undoubtedly make a first impression that lasts with your potential clients, and once you’ve experienced the look and feel of our Vivid Lamination prints, we know you will fall in love with it just as much as we have.

Here at Purely Digital, we pride ourselves on the quality of our prints, which is why we complete all of our prints in house. If you would like more details on our Vivid Lamination, check out our Foiling & Embossing page or contact our team today.

Purely brilliant awards

Wednesday, March 13th, 2019


February and March is awards season. That means the films you’ve never heard of clean up at the Oscars, and the music you hate wins big at Brits. At least that’s how we remember it.

But there’s one event this year that’s got everybody at Team Purely on tender hooks. The Mainframe Awards is a celebration of Derby’s creative and digital industries — and this year, we had the privilege of producing the awards handed out to everybody shortlisted for the finals.

Each award has been meticulously crafted using a 3D printer, and is sculptured out of an environmentally friendly material. We wanted to ensure they were as sustainable as they are beautiful.

“We were absolutely thrilled when Mainframe asked us to be involved,” explains Purely Digital’s MD, Andrew Edmondson.

“The Mainframe Awards is a triumphant recognition of Derby’s flourishing creative professional community. It makes us proud to be a able to demonstrate our support in this very special way.”

Thanks to our in-house 3D printing capabilities, we were able to produce the awards handed out to everybody shortlisted at last week’s event in a very quick turnaround. The REPLICATOR+ is a phenomenal piece of kit that many of our customers are discovering the unique benefits of — producing high-quality 3D printed designs and fixtures, formed out of a non-toxic, degradable PLA that yields extremely polished finished results.

“Because of the rising demand for 3D printing, we’ve invested in our production capabilities, “ continues Andrew. “Our newly installed Makerbot Replicator+ allows for precision 3D printing of the best quality — no warps or curling.

“We wanted to deliver something truly special for the Mainframe Awards, and we’re very happy with the results. It was a huge pleasure to attend the shortlisting ceremony, and seeing the nominees receive their awards was a spectacular moment.”

The finals for the Mainframe Awards 2019 takes place in April. Categories include businesses and individuals who have shown innovation in the creative and digital sectors, as well as those who have helped to make Derby a city that is widely recognised for its innovations and achievements. For more information and key dates, visit

Cad-cutting our way through Halloween

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018


October is the month of the spook, with all the weird and the wonderful costumes and decorations around, we thought it would only be right to add our own little treat to the mix.

With the arrival of our new cad-cutting machine we decided to put it to the ultimate test.

To show the quality and flawless finish this method can produce we decided we would use it to make our own expertly printed Halloween props.

First off, we made the bases using cardboard to get the shapes we desired, next we laminated the cardboard giving it a smoother texture before finally using the cad-cutting machine to get our finished products.


We’ve adored working on these little props, but of course we leave the best till last!

The best part of our job is sending them out to their new homes. It brought us great delight to see everyone having so much fun with our little creations, just take a look for yourself!

Purely Digital 9th Birthday

Thursday, July 28th, 2016


Welcome to the Purely Digital 9 campaign.

As you already know, we are rewarding our loyal customers with 50 Triplexed business cards, as a gift to celebrate our 9th year in business. If you are one of the lucky participants, here is what you should know:

  • The offer is available for any order placed and invoiced in August 2016.
  • The offer is only available to customers who have received a personalised promotional card, with unique offer code on.
  • Participants will receive their business cards with any order placed in August.
  • Participants must supply the artwork for their free set of business cards alongside their August order, as a high resolution, print ready PDF, with 3mm bleed to all edges.
  • Our offer is limited to one business card set (50 cards of 1 design) per company.
  • Cards will be digitally printed to two sides, with a coloured triplexed centre (no other special finishes are available on these cards).
  • We have a variety of papers in stock for use in this promotion; Arcoprint (White Uncoated), Olin Smooth Cream or Absolute White, as well as various coloured stocks for the centre; please call us to discuss the best options and availability for you.
  • Card designs can be shared to our Facebook page, where we will monitor the number of likes each design receives; the most liked design by 1st September will win a bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne.

Your business cards will be triplexed. Haven’t heard of a triplexed business card?…

Triplexing involves sandwiching 3 pieces of paper together, providing print to the outer and a unique coloured strip in the centre. Triplexing can also be used on uncoloured cards to provide an overall thicker, stronger card. In order to create unique designs, check with us on the availability of the triplexing colours.

What do you need to do to protect your business in times of uncertainty?

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

Everybody is talking about Brexit. Whatever your stance, the decision has now been made by the British people, and debating what is going to happen is a waste of time and energy for entrepreneurs. If you are a business owner or a decision maker in a company, you are most likely looking for options to protect your business in the near future. Uncertainty never bodes well for business growth or positive revenue, and with the value of the GBP fluctuating every day, things are looking grim.

So, what can be done?

During times of unpredictability, confusion and doubt, strong leaders and entrepreneurs really stand out. It is as simple as that. While some will lose in a changing economic market, there is always the opportunity for others to win. How can you keep your business safe, and make sure that you continue to win work, when everybody is afraid to invest? How can you make sure that you don’t get stuck on the losing side?

It is actually a simple matter of image. Show strength! Inspire confidence and make your customers and partners trust you! It’s not about changing the world. All you have to do is adapt to it. In the current climate, your partners, customers, and even your competitors should know that your company is strong, and uncertainty will not affect the quality of your work. You must show that you are able to deliver your best products and services, and that you are looking to the future with hope, not with despair.

While everyone is anxious about stocks and currency, among other problems, you must stay calm under pressure, and show everybody that you are relevant on the market.

The most important thing that your partners and customers need to know is that you have a strong position in the market, and any changes will not affect the quality of your work. Show that your brand is strong and will not falter during uncertain times. Build trust, so that your customers and partners understand that you are there for business no matter what. If you are not sure how to do this, there is a very simple way to show your presence on the market; just promote your business. You should be passionate about your business; you definitely want people to know about it!

Here, at Purely Digital we are experts in promoting our customers businesses. When you need to get your brand known, we have a wide variety of ideas and solutions for your business. Remember that printed materials are very powerful when you are creating a promotion for your brand. Consider the fact that printed materials can be not only flyers or brochures. Dare to stand out and show your customers that you have imagination, and you are up to date with the latest technologies. We live in a time where technology works really well alongside printed materials. We can advise you about Scratch Cards, Vouchers, NFC Tags and 3D Print. Get the most of it; ask us how!

The most important thing that your partners and customers need to know is that you have a strong position in the market, and any changes will not affect the quality of your work. Show that your brand is strong and will not falter during uncertain times. Build trust, so that your customers and partners understand that you are there for business no matter what. If you are not sure how to do this, there is a very simple way to show your presence on the market; just promote your business. You should be passionate about your business; you definitely want people to know about it!

Here, at Purely Digital we are experts in promoting our customers businesses. When you need to get your brand known, we have a wide variety of ideas and solutions for your business. Remember that printed materials are very powerful when you are creating a promotion for your brand. Consider the fact that printed materials can be not only flyers or brochures. Dare to stand out and show your customers that you have imagination, and you are up to date with the latest technologies. We live in a time where technology works really well alongside printed materials. We can advise you about Scratch Cards, Vouchers, NFC Tags and 3D Print. Get the most of it; ask us how!

Wishing you all the best,
The Purely Digital Team

Wishing you all the best,

The Purely Digital Team

We enter the 3D Print market

Friday, January 22nd, 2016


We are excited to announce that we will soon expand our printing range to 3D Printing. Our printer range will also include the fifth generation of Makerbot Replicator, a professional 3D printer. We hope that you share our enthusiasm and we are looking forward to make your prints more interactive than ever.

How is printed marketing relevant at the beginning of 2016

Friday, December 18th, 2015

The digital revolution can make it look like social media and the online marketing are replacing printed marketing materials. However, a closer look shows that the digital age has created new potential for printed marketing.

Digital marketing is growing in popularity, as email marketing statistics produced by the service providers show. Across all industries in the UK the email opening rate has grown from 21.47% in 2013 to 22.87% in August 2015. Although you might think that this is not significant, it proves that email marketing is growing in popularity. Surprisingly, the growth in email promotions has decreased the millennials interest for email adverts. This outcome was caused by the large amount of spam that started to bombard people’s personal emails. As a result, 68% of consumers aged 18-24 are more likely to react to advertisements in print rather than digital notes (SMS, e-mails, etc.). Therefore, printed promotional materials are still an essential sales and marketing tool for businesses.

The main advantage of printed marketing is that your customer can physically interact with it. While an email can be easily ignored and deleted without being read, a printed item will engage your customers directly, attracting their attention. According to a research done by JWT, almost 80% of the people born after the 90’s consider important the tangible connection established with all sorts of printed materials.

With new digital printing technologies, it is easier than ever to create adverts that stand out. Using scratch cards for example is a great way to create a physical interaction between customers and promotional materials. It brings together the excitement of discovering the message the company sends, and also fills a void that digital marketing will never be able to, because of its intangibility. Creating unique and personalised materials that show empathy with clients is what marketing is starting to look like at the second half of the decade.

More and more business are personalising their businesses content.

Offering promotional materials to customers (such as personalised agendas, calendars and of course a business card that stands out) will bring extra exposure to businesses. Every time the logo or the name of a brand is being displayed, it creates awareness. As long as it is displayed in the right place, to the right targeted audience, awareness is one of the main perks that a company can gain from their marketing.

In order to be competitive in such a volatile environment, businesses only have one chance to create a hybrid strategy that takes into consideration both printed and digital marketing, getting the best of both!

Purely Digital, purely responsible for our CO2 emissions!

Monday, December 14th, 2015

The United Nations conference on climate change that took place in Paris this month has reached its objective. For the first time, a global agreement was achieved on reducing the climate changes and the CO2 emissions all over the world. In the words of US President Barack Obama The climate deal reached in Paris is “the best chance we have to save the one planet we have”.

Here, at Purely Digital we are proud to be Premier Paper’s first customer to become a certified Carbon Capture Company. We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. At the end of the day, our planet is not an inheritance from our parents, but a legacy for our children! Therefore we are making sure that we are doing our bit to keep the world clean and healthy.

The initiative’s outcome is to reduce the CO2 emissions of our operational activity. We’ve been part of the Carbon Capture paper purchase offset programme since 2013, contributing to tree planting activities year on year, which we’ve always really enjoyed.

The scheme involves calculating the CO2 emissions from our energy and fuel consumption. With the calculations being submitted for an independent audit and verification, we were able to Carbon Capture our CO2 emissions together with the paper purchased. We are excited that have created well over 247 m2 of new native woodland in the UK.

The programme includes a Carbon Management plan and internal carbon reduction programme; Quantifiable CO2 reduction claims that can be included in annual reports; Marketing programmes to help add customer value; High integrity environmental programme independently verified; Use of the unique ‘Green Seal’ logo.

The certified Carbon Capture® Company status is for a 2 year period, after which the operational CO2 emissions will then be audited and re-verified.

The Carbon Capture® scheme operates under the Government’s Woodland Carbon Code, a voluntary standard for woodland creation projects in the UK. The independent certification to this standard provides assurance and clarity about the carbon benefits of these sustainably managed woodlands. It is calculated that 25m² of native UK woodland will capture and store one tonne of CO2 and creating large areas of new native woodland, will, over time, remove hundreds of thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.”

We are really happy to add another aspect to our environmental credentials to protect our planet. This should comfort our customers to know that by working with us they show responsibility and are doing their bit too.