Charity Calendars

Charity calendars are a particular way of raising money for worthy causes that has grown in popularity considerably over the last few years so that there are now innumerable calendars to choose from if you want to support a charity or cause.  The idea has become popular as it is a money raising scheme that has proved itself to work and bring in donations.  The calendars are usually produced by the particular charity or organisation that is trying to raise the money for whatever cause or reason.  There are many ways in which you can raise money for your organisation but producing a calendar can be an enjoyable thing to do and can help to get more people involved with the project.  You may be able to increase awareness of your cause if you sell your calendars and these are then put up in homes and offices where people who might not have been aware of you can see them.

The starting point for most calendars is deciding what the calendar should consist of and how the subject matter should be approached.  Some charity calendars contain pictures which are of a serious nature whereas others have pictures of a more humorous nature.  A common theme amongst calendars is for them to consist of posed photographs of members of the organisation or team depending on who it is who is producing the calendar.  Many of these photographs are “naked” photographs which consist of people in carefully arranged poses so as to keep everything decent.  The idea is that these are meant to be taken in the spirit of humour and provide amusement to the people viewing the calendar as it is likely that they will know some of the people involved with it.  Other calendars will consist of landscape photographs or pictures of people and things that are relevant to that particular charity or organisation.

As most charity calendars are produced for a small number of people or a particular target audience they are usually done as a short run print in order to avoid the charity or organisation being left with an excess of calendars that they are unable to get rid of.  If the short run print is a success then a reprint might be considered if there is sufficient interest and demand for it.  Many charity calendars are produced on a budget but are still of a high quality and many are wire bound so that they are strong enough to actually be used and hung on the wall.  If a calendar is wire bound then it has more strength and resilience and is unlikely to fall apart easily.

Producing a charity calendar for a fund raising event can be a fun thing to do for all those involved whether as models posing for the photographs or being involved with the organisation and production.  No matter what the cause or charity a calendar is very often used as it works particularly well at raising donations; schools, charities, churches and councils all make good use of the idea for their individual fund raising needs.

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