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Cybersecurity relates to how organisations and individuals can reduce the risk of a cyber attack. With both the prevalence of, and reliance on; smartphones, laptops, tablets and PCs nowadays, plus the rise of hybrid working arrangements seeing more and more people working from home, the need for online security has never been so high.

At Purely Digital, we have been working with businesses to help support a more secure method of exchanging confidential password and log-in information with employees. Using scratch cards to share this information has not only helped employees understand the importance their business is placing upon cybersecurity, but also provides a simple and effective way for them to confidently comply.

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We have extensive experience printing scratch cards and can help you find the right solution to help protect your business from cyber attacks . See below for further information or get in touch to discuss your requirements…

Cybersecurity Services

We can solve a range of cybersecurity problems  without our bespoke scratch cards, and also offer a variety of brand protection solutions, see below for further info or call us to discuss what you need…

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Product Authentication

Product authentication is key for brand protection – it allows customers to verify the authenticity of your product by registering it using a unique code. This is reassuring for the customer as they can confirm they have an official product, which helps create a positive relationship with your brand. Equally it helps brands protect themselves from counterfeit activities which can negatively effect publicity or word of mouth. Using a scratch card to deliver this adds another level of security.

cybersecurity scratch card

Password Delivery

Setting new and strong character-combination passwords are essential to the security of your business. Lack of strong password policies are reported amongst the top 10 ways in which cyber criminals will take advantage of your networks.

Using scratch cards is a secure way to deliver unique passwords to employees ensuring your business is not left vunerable due to poor cyber-security habits by staff.

Purely Digital offer activation scratchcards.

License Key

Scratch cards can also be used to securely deliver product license keys to your customers. Product keys, usually a string of letters and numbers, confirm the authenticity of the product for the customer as well as protects the business from counterfeit activities such as duplicate copies. Having codes revealed only by scratch-off panels adds another layer of security to this process, giving peace of mind to both businesses and their consumers.

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