Dont be perplexed with duplexing

When given a paper document to look at, have you ever wondered how the text gets on both sides of the paper? If your answer is yes, you are not alone. To the unwitting, a double-sided document can be a thing of mystery, however it is something that is easily done and drastically saves paper. The name given to this phenomenon is duplexing, the art of double-sided printing which has` significantly improved the way we print documents today.

Many office printers will have a duplexing unit that allows the user to turn the piece of paper around once one side has been printed by either changing printing preferences on a computer or pressing a button on the printer itself (depending on the software). Automatic duplex printing is found in many printers, however in some printers the paper turning must be done manually. The printing can often be done in either landscape or portrait paper setups for extra convenience.

It is not only text printing that can benefit from duplexing. Photos can also be printed on both sides of a sheet of paper (or photo paper) for photo albums, calendars or greetings cards. Think of how much wasted paper a photo album with only single-sided photos would use, not to mention how much space an album of that size would take up on a shelf!

With regards to digital photo printing, duplexing a photo can add a whole new dimension and texture to the photo. When two sheets with different coloured photos are stuck together, there is a world of possibility; such as varying the edge textures of both sheets, cutting holes or shapes into the sheet so different colours come out of the overall image, or foil printing on the other side to reveal a whole new kind of photo print.

There is an obvious ‘green’ advantage to a duplex print job; it saves a lot of paper. Whether it is for essays, office documents or handbooks, duplex printing can literally cut your paper usage in half. This has a knock-on effect of a reduced cost (which is beneficial for a business) and reduced storage space. Not only is paper saved, but this could drastically sink a company’s carbon footprint, something that can help a business get ahead in this carbon-aware age.

The addition of duplexing to any text or photo printing system could save a lot of waste paper which could in turn save money. In addition, when presenting a presentation or report for a business client, a double-sided document can look more professional than having lots of individual sheets stapled together.

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