The total KGs of CO₂ we have absorbed


The area (㎡) of new native
woodland we have created

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. That’s why we’re committed to being a cleaner, greener, carbon neutral company.

Our efforts so far…

To date, our efforts as a Carbon Capture® company has enabled Purely Digital to create over 2,000m² of new woodland to remove more than 75,000kg of Carbon Dioxide. And we’re continuing to increase those numbers on a daily basis.

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To be leaders in the Print industry, you have to put the planet first…

As a responsible print company, we’re conscious of the impact that our production processes and methods of operation can have on the environment. By adopting greener ethics in everything we do, we’re working to ensure our carbon footprint remains minimal while maximising the ways we can help benefit the planet.

  • We are not a print management company. Wherever possible, we print, finish, and deliver projects in-house to limit the environmental impact.
  • We retain control of the paper supply chain and will always switch to a more ethical and sustainable paper source wherever possible.
  • We use environmental paper, ink, and print-finishing suppliers.
  • We use an energy provider who supplies 100% renewable energy.
  • We recycle all our waste materials, paper, inks, and packaging.
  • We use paper packaging and packing tape rather than plastic packaging wherever possible.
  • We hand-deliver local jobs or group-deliver items to reduce emissions.
  • We are a small company with a core of local employees, plus half of our staff travel to work on bikes!


What’s more, the CO² we do emit as a company – together with the paper we purchase – is compensated for by planting new trees right here in the UK. This is accomplished through Purely Digital’s status as a certified Carbon Capture® company.

Planting seeds for a sustainable future

Since 2013, we’ve been actively planting new trees across the UK as part of the Premier Paper Group’s Carbon Capture® scheme. This initiative (in conjunction with the Woodland Trust) helps simultaneously mitigate CO² emissions while creating large areas of new native woodland integral to our wildlife. It works by calculating the amount of CO² emitted from the manufacture and distribution of paper used per tonnage, and then planting the necessary number of trees to offset those emissions through CO² absorption. As a business, this means we are accountable for the amount of CO² emitted as a result of the paper we use on. daily basis. But as a print company, it assures our customers and suppliers they too are helping to combat climate change, and are actively implementing responsible business practices that support the future sustainability of our natural world.

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