At Purely Digital we’re conscious of the impact that our production processes and methods of operation can have on the environment. We’re determined to reduce this and our environmental policy is an integral part of our business. By demonstrating our commitment to combat climate change through a wide variety of measures, you can be confident that you’re dealing with a supplier that genuinely respects the planet whilst offering an outstanding, highly competitive service.

Our Printing Process

Our HP Indigo Digital Press gives stunning results which are every bit as good as offset but without the paper wastage. It also features on-press oil recycling which, by reducing oil usage by nearly half, makes it much more eco-friendly. The press and its consumables are also REACH compliant (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). This is a European Union regulation that addresses the use of chemical substances and their potential impact on both human health and the environment. Consumable items from the press are collected by a waste management company, JG Environmental Services, and are either recycled or reconditioned. The recycling theme is evident elsewhere within the company with toner cartridges from all our desktop and wide format printers also being reused.

Our Paper

Where we can we make a point of only stocking FSC paper, demonstrating that the paper we purchase is sourced from managed forests where the trees, wildlife, water course and the human rights of the workers are all cared for. We’re no longer FSC accredited but instead choose to assign the fees paid through the administration of the FSC, to a scheme with the Woodland Trust. The scheme see trees are planted here in the UK to absorb the CO2 we omit as a business, this scheme is called Carbon Capture, we have logo we can use on our print if you are interested.

Carbon Emissions

The CO2 emissions of our organisation have been compensated for by planting trees here in the UK through the Woodland Trust with the Carbon Capture programme. A big part of our CO2 management plan is to try and reduce CO2 emissions in a number of areas of the organisation and we can all play our part. The Carbon Capture programme not only helps save money but it also creates native British woodland rich in wildlife that we all can enjoy. Think about switching off lights, computers and photocopiers when not needed, it may surprise you how easy it is to make a difference. Just by lowering the office heating thermostat by 1°C, from say 21°C to 20°C can reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 10%.

You can make a difference out on the road also, check you tyres, you will use 10% more fuel if your tyres are under inflated by just 2%, drive smoothly and service your vehicle regularly and you will use less fuel, every 5mph over 60mph means a 10% increase in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


It’s important to us that every part of the service we provide is as green as possible and this includes the couriers we use to deliver the printed products. We’ve chosen UK Mail who have the right blend of customer service, value for money and are located near to our office which means their pickup miles are reduced.

If you’d like to do business with a company committed to minimising its impact on the environment, please call us on 01332 299553