Exciting Times for Print Media and its Digital Future

Technology has long been sculpting many industries across the world, and not surprisingly, the world of printing is not exempt from this. With revolutionary techniques and equipment being constantly developed, the future of the printing industry looks set to be digital based.

Glossy magazines and top selling newspapers are fully aware of the power of visual stimulation, as a picture is capable of speaking a thousand words. An eye catching front page image can greatly influence sales figures.

Just as new printing techniques revolutionised the industry and gave rise to full colour images, digital content will change the way we read, consume and print media in the future.

Interactive Experience

Ideals and stories have always been at the heart of digital media throughout the years, and this isn’t expected to change. The next step though is to give the reader a complete experience, presenting them with an opportunity to delve deeper into articles, beyond where the words and images finish.

New products such as the Apple iPad will put these elements that enrich a reading experience (such as video, sounds, rich colour photos that can be enlarged, animations and 3D images) at the finger tips of every reader.

What next for Digital Print?

It is believed that static print will eventually evolve into a customised visual experience that will allow readers to share and bookmark information for future reference.

With new technology constantly being developed, enhanced and implemented, the digital print industry is entering a new era of business in which users are able to retain the features associated with high gloss print, lavish designs and glorious photography.

With both digital and interactive media evolving and improving, it is hoped that more media services will begin to invest in digital printing and the services digital printers are able to provide. For more information about digital print and other services please visit our home page.

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