How is printed marketing relevant at the beginning of 2016

The digital revolution can make it look like social media and the online marketing are replacing printed marketing materials. However, a closer look shows that the digital age has created new potential for printed marketing.

Digital marketing is growing in popularity, as email marketing statistics produced by the service providers show. Across all industries in the UK the email opening rate has grown from 21.47% in 2013 to 22.87% in August 2015. Although you might think that this is not significant, it proves that email marketing is growing in popularity. Surprisingly, the growth in email promotions has decreased the millennials interest for email adverts. This outcome was caused by the large amount of spam that started to bombard people’s personal emails. As a result, 68% of consumers aged 18-24 are more likely to react to advertisements in print rather than digital notes (SMS, e-mails, etc.). Therefore, printed promotional materials are still an essential sales and marketing tool for businesses.

The main advantage of printed marketing is that your customer can physically interact with it. While an email can be easily ignored and deleted without being read, a printed item will engage your customers directly, attracting their attention. According to a research done by JWT, almost 80% of the people born after the 90’s consider important the tangible connection established with all sorts of printed materials.

With new digital printing technologies, it is easier than ever to create adverts that stand out. Using scratch cards for example is a great way to create a physical interaction between customers and promotional materials. It brings together the excitement of discovering the message the company sends, and also fills a void that digital marketing will never be able to, because of its intangibility. Creating unique and personalised materials that show empathy with clients is what marketing is starting to look like at the second half of the decade.

More and more business are personalising their businesses content.

Offering promotional materials to customers (such as personalised agendas, calendars and of course a business card that stands out) will bring extra exposure to businesses. Every time the logo or the name of a brand is being displayed, it creates awareness. As long as it is displayed in the right place, to the right targeted audience, awareness is one of the main perks that a company can gain from their marketing.

In order to be competitive in such a volatile environment, businesses only have one chance to create a hybrid strategy that takes into consideration both printed and digital marketing, getting the best of both!

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