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Leaflets and flyers have been used as a marketing tool for decades with great success.

Despite the digital age we now find ourselves in, they remain a really cost effective and targeted way to promote your event, business, product or service, getting key messages in front of specific audiences.

A well-designed leaflet or flyer can be an invaluable way to promote your business so it is worthwhile considering all the creative print options available to create maximum impact.

We have a huge amount of experience printing leaflets, flyers and newsletters – see below for some inspiration or get in touch to discuss your thoughts or requirements with our friendly team of print experts.

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There are a variety of techniques we can use to ensure your leaflets or flyers have maximum stand out, see below for ideas and inspiration, or get in touch to discuss with our experts…

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Below you will find the answers to some of our frequently asked questions. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions of your own!

Flyers are an excellent way to promote a service or special event and they are regularly used by businesses as a way to market what they can offer potential customers. To ensure your flyer captures the attention of a potential customer and doesn’t get filed in the bin, make sure you follow this simple checklist below.

Know your audience

Define who it is you want the flyer to appeal to and once you’ve made a list of the type of people that you want to engage with, make sure you use language in the flyer that will communicate directly with these people.

Special offers and events

If you’re promoting a special offer or event then include clear and concise details about the offer such as correct dates, prices, venue details, times and be sure to proofread this and the copy before sending it to a print company. Also, make sure you leave enough time for people to take advantage of it by organising the leaflet distribution well in advance and leave enough time for the designers and printers to complete their work.

Include logos/pictures

Make sure you include your company logo on the flyer and/or an image. Overcrowding a flyer with too much copy can be off-putting for the recipient so consider including some graphics on the flyer to catch their eye and convey a clear message.

Die cutting

Including die cutting in your flyer (cutting shapes into the flyer) is an excellent way to make it stand out from other leaflets that come through the letterbox. You can ask us to make suggestions for die cutting as we are experienced in what will and won’t work for different sizes and formats. Clever use of die cutting to complement your design will help to gain the attention of your potential customers.

Flyering is the simple act of handing out small pieces of paper (usually A5 size) with a business, idea or event details on it to help promote an endeavour. Flyers  are most commonly distributed by hand, can be left in places where a target audience could be reached, or left in places such as pubs or restaurants.

Flyering is an age-old technique and has been proven to work. The main advantage of flyering is public exposure, if more and more people have your business’ flyer in their hand, the higher the chance that your business will receive attention and custom. Flyers are relatively cheap to make with help from a digital printing company and the price of flyers can be paid off in the custom gained from the act of flyering.

During the flyering activity itself, it is vital to engage and connect with the public on a more personal level. Flyering to promote something actively shows that this person cares about their endeavour enough to stand in the street and shout about it to the world. If the flyerer connects and has a conversation with their audience, there is a higher chance of success as they will be remembered in the audience’s minds.

A type of business that generates lots of custom from flyering is the theatre industry, for example at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Every year, thousands of actors, directors and producers clutter the Royal Mile persuading theatregoers to see their show and no-one else’s—a tactic that often pays off in terms of audience numbers.

Anything can be placed on a flyer through digital printing. It is important to make a flyer look attractive and attention-grabbing; bright colours and images, bold text and humour work well in maintaining a reader’s interest and putting your business to the forefront of their mind. Less can be more on a flyer, if you cram a small piece of paper full of text it can seem like an essay but if there are too many pictures vital details could be missed—a delicate balance of text and image is a good way forward. For an extra, weather-proof effect, laminating flyers can also be a great idea, it also means that they do not crease so easily in a reader’s bag.

Some companies rely heavily on paper advertising (flyers, posters, leaflets) to rein in people for their business, others don’t quite need it as much, but whatever company it is, the chances are that if their marketing strategy is done well, they use some form of physical advertising. If you’re just starting your business or want to move your marketing strategy forwards, here are a few tips to get the ball rolling.

Know your Audience

A flyer handed out in the busy city centre will contrast starkly with that of one handed to older people who could be attending a theatre show, so tailoring your promotional material to your target demographic is essential. Catering the colours, layout, fonts and design to your audience must be done perfectly to get the maximum impact out of your material.

Standing out from the crowd

There’s no point in someone seeing your material if it doesn’t have an impact on them. Making it eye catching is a necessity if someone is not physically there, putting it into people’s hands. Vibrant colours (where appropriate) can be used to make a visual impact and draw the eye to your company.

Sell your products or service

There is no point in producing a leaflet/poster/flyer if you are not going to blow your own trumpet. Make sure people who read it know what service or product they can obtain from you and why they need that product/service.

Don’t be afraid to make a song and dance about what you could do for your potential customer! Don’t go over the top though, less is usually more when it comes to the text on a page, so choose your words carefully.

Save some money!

Something which is on everybody’s mind at the moment is trying to save some cash in these difficult economic times. There’s no better place to start than with the actual design. Save some costs by going and trying a university or college designer to create your material? Experience for them, a cost-effective alternative for you.

Getting a quality finish

There is little point in going to all this effort should you not create a piece of work which you then print on the cheap. People will compare the quality of your material and associate with your company, rightly or wrongly, consciously or subconsciously, whether you want them too or not. We have extensive experience printing premium quality flyers and leaflets for all budgets, get in touch with our friendly team of experts to discuss your ideas 🙂

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