Make Sure People Know About Your Venue

Trying to run a successful live music venue has always been difficult. There are plenty of unsigned bands who want to get up and play every night but sometimes these bands bring no fans with them. On many occasions, their fans may be under 18 so you cannot allow them to be in your bar. It is very difficult to make any money out of running a live music bar. This is only about to get more difficult with the introduction of the live music bill, meaning that more bars can have live music nights. If you want to make your music venue a success, you have to work hard at making sure it’s the only venue in town that bands want to play at.

One of the ways to do this is to have attractive signage throughout your venue. Even something as small as signs for the toilets can have a big effect on customers if the signs are funny or interesting as people will remember them and are likely to tell their friends about them. Printing wide format signs that attract attention as soon as people come into your venue can make a huge difference to how your venue is remembered, even if the bands that night aren’t particularly fantastic.

If you have signs that aren’t quite permanent enough to be fixtures but still need to be protected, such as advertising drinks deals, you should use a large format laminator to protect them. A simple, A3 sheet that advertises the venues cocktails and is laminated for extra protection can draw attention and, if the deals are right, keep people coming back. There is no point having a good deal if it is not advertised well as people will not know about, not use it and won’t come back.

Using a commercial digital printing company can have huge benefits to a venue, especially if they are just starting out. As well as indoor and outdoor signage, a digital printing company will be able to produce flyers that match the décor of the venue and attract people to come in. Many venues also use business cards with drinks promotions to attract customers in on busy nights. If you want to have the most successful live music venue in town, you have to think about what your target market wants from it. If they’ve just come to see bands play, think of other ways to attract them such as with good drinks offers or music themed cocktails. If people are looking for a night out after live music, get outdoor signage that says you have a DJ playing until 3am.

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