Game, set, and scratch: Win customer loyalty with scratch card marketing

Win customer loyalty with scratch card marketing

Being one step ahead of your customers is a surefire way to win their loyalty. Make scratch card marketing your most powerful tool for retaining the relationships most valuable to your business.

These days it’s the businesses, brands, and organisations with the greatest customer engagement that succeed the most at winning customer loyalty. Retention marketing generally takes a backseat to acquisition efforts, but the value of a long-term customer far exceeds the value of a new one.

While it’s always important to venture into uncharted waters, it objectively pays more to cast your rod where you already know the fish are biting.

Why customer loyalty is so important

Did you know that 80% of your sales this year will come from just 20% of your existing customers? If you’ve been around in business long enough, you’re probably already aware of this statistic – also commonly referred to as the “80/20 Principle” (source. Entrepreneur).

In fact, conversion rates for people who have purchased from you before can be up to 9 times greater than first-time buyers, while existing customers who are familiar with your brand are likelier to spend more in general. That’s according to the latest figures compiled across online marketing resources econsultancy and invespcro.

Regardless of your position as either a B2C or B2B company, it’s loyal customers that drive the majority of your yearly sales.

Interestingly, the same figures also show that on average it’s been found that acquiring new customers is five times more expensive than keeping the ones you already have. Which means retention marketing not only yields better results, it’s a far more cost-effective way of capturing sales overall.

Furthermore, a strong customer base translates to referrals, which brings more customers.

But what is the key to winning this kind of customer loyalty? How do you ensure people remember who you are and remain engaged for the long-term?

Engagement, experiences, and authenticity

Staying in contact and providing a consistent customer experience is the first step in building a strong sense of customer loyalty. But it’s how you go about putting those experiences in place that makes the real difference.

In order to foster lasting relationships, brands need to demonstrate the value they hold for their customers is genuine.

This does not mean sending out an email to your entire mailing list every month. Nor does it mean calling an existing client under the pretence of “getting in touch for a catch up” just so you can cross-sell more services over the phone.

Today’s customers are bombarded with loud, meaningless, and persistent marketing communications all the time. It’s not a very effective way of cutting through the noise and can very easily be identified as being ‘disingenuous’ and can lead to frustration. That’s not the kind of emotion you want to evoke — and make no mistake, fostering customer loyalty is all about eliciting the right kind of emotional response from your customers.

After all, a recent study into what drives customer loyalty carried out by Forrester Research concluded that: A strong emotional connection with a brand is a stronger driver of loyalty than factors like ‘ease’ and ‘effectiveness’.

Scratch card marketing and emotions

Making experiences fun and personal makes customers feel appreciated and valued. Millennial customers are especially receptive to creative marketing tactics; and while social media platforms are popular for customer engagement with this group, the growing abundance of digital communications calls for something a little more ‘physical’ if you want a greater impact.

Winning customer loyalty with scratch card marketing

This is where print really comes into its own, and scratch card marketing, in particular, combines so many of these elements into an experience that is far more tangible and a whole lot more meaningful.

Scratch-card marketing easter promo

Now, this isn’t exactly the time or the place to be deciding what kind of promotion (giveaways, deals, discounts, etc.) you ought to be running. Every industry is unique, and the most effective route for your organisation will depend on a variety of factors, including your target audience; the time of year; and the very nature of your services and products.

In short, the specifics of your chosen promotion require a great deal of thought and careful planning. So let’s save all that for our next feature

In the meantime, it’s important to recognise that keeping customers engaged, surprised, and consistently feeling valued is one of the best ways of winning their loyalty. Scratch card marketing is a great way of evoking these kinds of emotions because it provides an experience that far exceeds the typical levels of engagement customers would receive from an email, a social media shout out, or the many other forms of printed communication for that matter.


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