Bespoke Packaging

Don’t underestimate the value of great packaging! Creating a bespoke packaging solution for your product can make a huge difference to your customer’s experience of your brand. Great packaging can add personality to your brand, it can allow you to stand out in a cluttered marketplace, can influence a brand’s perceived value and strengthen the first impression of your brand.

We have helped company’s across the UK create beautiful packaging that positively distinguishes them and truly helps them connect with their consumers.  Whether you know exactly what you want, or require a little help to design something to suit your needs, our experienced and creative team can help you…

Packaging Techniques & Finishes

Your packaging can be your customers very first physical experience of your brand. For example, a well-designed box can surprise and delight a customer receiving your product through the mail – we are used to white envelopes and brown boxes – and something that stands out can add extra value to a purchase, encouraging customers to share their experience with friends as well as want to repeat it themselves.

There are a variety of creative print techniques we can use to ensure your packaging has maximum stand out, see below for ideas and inspiration, or get in touch with Purely Digital to discuss your requirements with our friendly team of experts…

business card - die cut and duplex

Die Cut

Can be used to cut out specific shapes in your packaging, creating a memorable and impactful design.

business card - rounded corner spot UV

Spot UV

This involves using special UV technology to affect the laminate on specific areas of your card, leaving only those areas shiny.

Soft Touch Laminate

By far our favourite, soft touch laminate has a soft velvety or silky feel that creates a premium finish for any packaging.

Beaverbrook Deboss


Produces raised or indented ridges in the pattern of your choosing. Like foiling, gives an expensive feel.

business card with gold foiling


Used to create a metallic effect on certain words or logos. The result can appear expensive and tasteful. Also extra pressure can be applied to indent the foil into the paper. Matt and Clear foils can also be applied. A great solution to create stand out.

business card - gloss finish


A laminate that produces a shiny, reflective look, much like the page of a magazine. Produces a lively finish that makes colours stand out.

Below you will find the answers to some of our frequently asked questions. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions of your own!

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