Printed Vinyl Flooring

Working alongside German partner Fotoboden, we now specialise in the printing and distribution of custom printed vinyl flooring, perfect for Exhibitions, Events, POS and more…

Read on to find out how this innovative flooring solution can help your business stand out…

Bespoke printed flooring allows you to transform an otherwise blank floor space into something remarkable, maximising the marketing space and creating stand out for your brand or business. Chat to us today about what this innovative solution can do for your business…

Printed Vinyl Flooring Solutions

There are a variety of uses for our bespoke printed flooring… those below are the most common but please do get in touch today to discuss your own requirements!

POS printed vinyl flooring

POS & Visual Merchandising

The perfect solution in retail environments, bespoke flooring both helps to enhance the product on offer through stand-out presentation, as well as the overall shopping experience for customers – used in shopping centres, on shop floors, car showrooms and shop windows…

printed vinyl flooring

Museum, Gallery & Exhibition Space

Appropriate for temporary & permanent displays, bespoke flooring can help create the perfect staging for your exhibition. Also works brilliantly to guide visitors in a particular direction or delineate different boundaries, areas or zones

printed vinyl flooring

Trade Shows & Trade Fairs

Make every inch of your exhibition stand or space work for your product or business by utilising bespoke printed vinyl as part of the flooring! Transform this otherwise blank space into something that is eye-catching and creates stand out from the crowd in a busy exhibition environment. Flooring can be easily fitted then removed and stored easily for every occasion without compromising quality.

printed vinyl flooring

Events, Stage, Theatre & TV

Make the floor part of the stage design with bespoke printed vinyl flooring – from logos to photography to set a scene, the options are limitless. Flooring is robust, anti-slip, flame retardant and can be rolled up and re-used time and time again.

printed vinyl flooring

Promotional Stickers & 3D Street Art

Create attention-grabbing promotions or brand experiences utilising the floor as ad space in outdoor areas, cinemas, shopping centres, showrooms – fully durable for high traffic areas with a 10 year guarantee.

Printed vinyl flooring in a retail environment


Our anti-bacterial, non-slip, flame retardant flooring is perfect for your healthcare environment. Graphics, logos, colours, images, text, all can be used to define areas or zones, communicate directional information or theme a particular room helping create informative, calm or motivational spaces, as required.

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