Scratch cards: Scratch to reveal a better business

In our society, when we are given a scratch card it is almost impossible to resist scratching the surface and revealing the contents, even if we have no intention of calling up the prize number. Scratch cards are relatively simply made and are almost addictive in their nature. Since their success in relation to the lottery, scratch cards have been a national game of pot luck.

A scratch card is made of paper, plastic or card and has a concealed image which has been covered with an opaque material which is easily scratched off. This opaque material is usually foil or latex, both of which can be easily scratched through. What is hidden under the scratching material depends on who the scratch card is made for, but often text and images are revealed. Many game card companies tend to put images (such as ‘Scratch to reveal two fruit of the same kind to win’) and text (such as ‘Sorry, you have not won!) behind this foil or latex to thoroughly inform the scratcher what they have or have not won.

In the business world, a scratch card can do wonders. For example, a pizza restaurant can give out scratch cards with their deliveries and the consumers can scratch to reveal exclusive offers and discounts with their next order. This encourages further custom with the same company and therefore has great potential to boost the restaurant’s business. As scratch cards are essentially irresistible, they can even contain the smallest of deals but will have succeeded in attracting a lot more attention to the business.

Scratch cards could also be used in an office environment; for example, a business could utilise a weekly scratch card lottery in which small cash prizes or an afternoon off could be the prize. The small price of the scratch cards and the prizes within to the business is small in comparison to the increased sense of morale and friendly competition between the employees. It is a known fact that increased morale within a company boosts productivity and attendance rates, therefore the scratch cards could end up paying for themselves in the long run! For a more unconventional style, foil printing can be used to make scratch card business cards: foil stamped business cards would attract a lot of attention to the card and more importantly, the details on it.

Using hot foil printing and stamping, a scratch card can be easily made and the vast benefits of adding a scratch card system to a business could prove to be very valuable.

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