Die Cutting

Die cutting generally uses traditional machines that may be up to a century old. Steel cutting, creasing and perforating rules, secured in a wooden block, are used to cut or crease a substrate into a particular shape, using pressure.

Used for cutting out boxes, folders, and pockets, creasing more complex folds, or perforating, Die Cutting can help to create many special shapes, curved edges, or bespoke apertures.

We are also able to Kiss Cut or Die Cut partially through a substrate, which is great for self adhesive labels when required on a sheet.

Really intricate shapes require Laser Cutting or use of a Flexo Die, but we’ll always advise the most efficient cutting method for you.

The finished effect is distinctive and unique – a creative way to really engage customers with your print marketing materials.

Yes, die-cutting works perfectly with other finishing techniques including spot UV, laminating, foiling, duplexing, triplexing and scratch off latex. Some design and substrate combinations can make this a challenge but that’s what we love and we’ll talk you through the complexities.

Having a custom cutting forme produced will add to the cost, the amount will depend on the complexity and size of the forme. There is also a charge for time taken to cut out the shape that the forme makes in the paper / board. Typically it will add from around £130 to your job all dependent on size and complexity. The forme can be used again if the job reprints so on re-runs it will be cheaper.

Under normal timings it will add about 3 days but if really needed we have been able to have the job printed, forme produced and die-cut on the same day. This however, is the exception rather than the rule.

This really depends on many different criteria and is a bit of a puzzle for us to work out. But you can rest assured with our experience we will choose the most cost efficient solution for you.

A cutting rule (the metal blade) can only twist and turn so much before the edge buckles and the cut is compromised. A 1mm radius bend is possible but repeating this in a zigzag is not possible. Also, there are restrictions as to how close together the rules can be. For any really complex shapes we would recommend laser cutting which is able to cope with really complex shapes like cutting out tiny birds, for example.

Drilling isn’t hole-punching though it has the same effect of drilling a hole into your paper. It can be used to drill holes for thick manuals that need to fit in ring binders, lanyard tags or for books requiring nickel screw binding.

If you want something really special we can drill patterns into your work to get a completely unique aesthetic effect.

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