Perfect Binding – Hotmelt & PUR Glue

What is Perfect Binding?

Perfect binding is a method which joins together pages of a booklet, brochure, magazine or similar items with glue. You can bind pages together with other methods like saddle stitching or wire binding. Perfect binding delivers a really smooth finish where evidence of the binding process is kept hidden. Probably the most familiar instance of perfect binding in everyday life is how a paperback book is bound.

Binding Options

Here at Purely Digital we offer two methods of perfect binding: Hot Melt binding and PUR glue binding. Both methods offer high-quality, high-strength binding. PUR glue is our preference as it offers a binding that is unrivalled in strength (so much so that PUR glue is used to hold fire doors together!), but hot-melt binding is a very reliable and slightly cheaper option, though not suitable for all binding jobs.

 Hot-Melt Binding:

•Suitable for items with a starting spine
width of 3mm
• Paper with max weight of 170gsm
• Best suited to uncoated and matt paper
with 3mm of ink free paper running into
the spine

 PUR Binding:

•Suitable for items with a starting spine
width of 2.8mm
• Compatible with all paper weights
• Can handle almost all finishes

For more information about hot-melt and PUR glue binding check out our guide to these services in our Advice Centre:

A Guide To Hot-Melt & PUR Glue Binding


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