Addressing, numbering and much more.

It has been proven time and again that personalised marketing material boosts your response rate significantly over non-personalised items. Enabling you to spend your marketing budget far more wisely with a lower cost rate per enquiry.

As competition between marketers increases, Purely Digital has the tools, machinery and experience to help you get the best results from your budget.

With our digital press we can produce the best personalised jobs, from simple addressing or adding codes to complex projects, replacing images or whole pages all driven by data.

As leading marketeers will tell you, if you don’t use print as one of your marketing mediums, you’ll be missing out on a huge proportion of potential sales.

Yes, we can print unique codes on each business card or we can put a code on a batch of cards using a hexadecimal system that can be random or sequential (any code you require in any order). This might be used by sales teams to track where leads come from especially if you had been at specific events.

Yes, we can print unique codes on flyers, or any of our print.

Certainly we can print and generate unique QR codes on any printed item.

Yes we can generate most types of barcodes that can then be printed on nearly all of our products.

Variable data printing uses a computer database and the very latest in digital printing technology to let you print unique information on each printed item without slowing down the printing process. This unique information can be addresses, names, codes, variable images, multiple versions of artwork or anything you need.

Variable data printing lets you automatically personalise your printing so you don’t have to waste time doing it manually. It also lets you do large print runs with personalised data, such as scratch cards, mailings, vouchers etc.