Premium Scratch Cards

Scratch cards can be a powerful marketing tool for your business – a simple but memorable, exciting and creative way to engage with your customers and create a strong customer experience.

We can tailor the print to your own design specifications – we can customise the scratch off area, the card shape and provide personalised prize images in black or colour. You can use either gold or silver scratch off, or a more secure foil if needed. We can also enhance your scratch cards with black line overprint if required. Whatever solution or design works best for your business.

Do you need to track your scratch cards campaign? We can also personalise your cards with unique serial numbers, so you will know what prizes have been claimed and what remains. Click here to read more about using serial numbers on custom scratch cards. 

At Purely Digital we are experts in printing latex or foil scratchcards, having helped clients from around the world create the perfect scratchcard campaign for their business. Not sure what design will work best for you? Click here to read our guidance on designing your own scratch card campaign, or get in touch to discuss with our friendly team.

Scratch Card Options

We can create scratch cards with gold or silver latex scratch-off areas, plus overprint in black should you require it… see below for examples or get in touch with our friendly team to discuss what you need…

Scratch Cards Gold Foil
scratch cards gold latex
scratch card with black overprint
Examples of scratch cards with silver latex black overprint
Scratch Cards Gold Foil
personalised printing example of a scratch card
scratch card with black overprint

Scratch Off Parking Permits

We also specialise in printing scratch off parking passes or permits.  These are a simple and effective way to manage a car park of any size and are a time-saving solution for both motorists and parking attendants.

They work by allowing motorists to scratch off the appropriate area showing date and arrival time, giving attendants a quick and easy way to see how long motorists have parked for. They are a cost-effective solution to enforce parking rules without the expense of a meter or other access technology.

We can tailor designs to suit your needs, including any relevant branding or contact details, sequential numbering, QR or bar codes and scratch off areas of your choice.

Get in touch to discuss your needs with our friendly team!

scratch off parking permits

Cybersecurity Scratch Cards

Cybersecurity relates to how organisations and individuals can reduce the risk of a cyber attack. With both the prevalence of, and reliance on; smartphones, laptops, tablets and PCs nowadays, plus the rise of hybrid working arrangements seeing more and more people working from home, the need for online security has never been so high.

At Purely Digital, we have been working with businesses to help support a more secure method of exchanging confidential password and log-in information with employees. Using scratch cards to share this information has not only helped employees understand the importance their business is placing upon cybersecurity, but also provides a simple and effective way for them to confidently comply.

Click Here to Read More…

cybersecurity scratch card

Below you will find the answers to some of our frequently asked questions. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions of your own!

Scratch cards consist of a base made from a choice of materials, including finished card, thick paper, plastic or laminated sheets. The second layer is a special scratch-off layer which is then added on top. This coating can be made from either an aluminium-based substance known as rub-removed latex or a glossy and metallic-looking foil.

Once the design is fed into the printing machine, cards will be produced that carry the standard information — such as contact details, terms and conditions, logos, etc, along with the variable aspects of the game to be found under the scratch-off area.

The cards then go through the foiling/latexing process. This produces a scratch-off area of uniform size and shape on each card.

Many modern-day scratch cards require the player to register online in order to either:

  • Find out if they have won
  • Pick up their prize

This creates a perfect opportunity to gather valuable data that can be used for marketing purposes. It also allows those who commissioned the scratch cards to track which prizes have been collected.

Scratch cards used as promotional material can be distributed in a number of ways:

  • In store – your pack of scratch cards can be split evenly between the stores that will carry them. When this is the case, the cards can be given over the counter or handed out as a free gift with a purchase.
  • At Event or Trade Shows – scratch cards can be given out at exhibitions or trade shows as a means to attract visitors to your stand and engage customers with your business.
  • By mail – you may wish to send out scratch cards to your existing customers. This is often done as part of a promotion for new stock, a new store etc.
  • On request – give customers the option of playing your game by including details on how to obtain a free scratch card within other marketing materials. This is another means of acquiring useful marketing data.

This is entirely down to you. A limit on when people can collect prizes might be required to coincide with the end of a promotion and the beginning of a new one. However, you could leave it open-ended to allow for the maximum amount of marketing value.

Some people may feel aggrieved when they find out that they are no longer able to claim their prize. One way of mitigating bad feelings is to state that all uncollected prizes will be donated to charity after a certain date.

The scratch off area can be any shape you like. In the past we’ve done scratch areas in the shape of a heart and the shape of an eye. A lot of our customers are after a simple rectangle and that’s fine too! A more unusual shape won’t cost you any more than a generic one. Cost is only likely to go up if you require a much bigger latex area on a big run.

Yes, we have the technology to assign a unique code to each scratch card or a particular code to a batch of scratch cards using a hexadecimal system that can be random or sequential. This means that different prizes can be assigned different prefixes, or different geographical areas can be assigned different codes. It also enables you to verify the legitimacy of any scratch card and helps you trace your cards. We can also foil with security holograms on to your scratch cards to help verify their authenticity.

The overwhelming majority of customers will opt for latex in its “natural” state i.e. in grey/silvery colour that most of us are familiar with. It’s the colour that is found on the majority of scratch cards. Gold is another alternative which is popular and won’t cost too much more to do. In theory, you can have the latex in a more inventive colour but this isn’t necessarily a cost-effective option.

Rub remove latex is the latex we use on our scratch cards. It is an aluminium paste mixed into a medium to make it printable. The medium binds it together but keeps its varying colours. We use a clear varnish directly under the latex (in the exact same shape) so that it can rub off easily.

Rough, uncoated papers are not suitable for applying latex to, as the rough surface traps the latex and stops it rubbing off. A varnish won’t prevent this, as the surface is too porous, and the varnish will absorb straight into the paper, instead of sitting on the surface. Sometimes we’ll use two layers of varnish to accommodate for this – the first is absorbed so that the second can sit on top.

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