UV Varnishing & Laminating

UV varnishing or laminating are great ways to enhance and protect your print. Lamination is commonly applied in a matt, gloss or soft touch effect. A thin film is applied to the print surface which enhances the colours, adds protection from moisture, protects from scratches to the ink and creates an engaging touch sensation to your customer.

UV Varnish is applied as a liquid that sets on exposure to strong UV light. Again it enhances the appearance of the print, but used in specific areas (Spot UV), it can be used to emphasise specific items or create an impressive

Both finishes not only look great, especially when they reflect the light, but entice touch when used on small areas and feel really smooth.

Matte & Soft Touch laminates with spot UV look great together, they can be used in patterns to create an effect or to highlight different printed items and highlight them.

Laminating seems to be the preferred method form most of our customers, it avoids little specs of dust spoiling the surface sheen on large areas of UV varnish. But using Spot UV (using it on just some areas) achieves a nice contrast between any matt finish and the spot UV which feels and looks great.

If you are interested in these finishes in order to protect your print then laminating is the best. We even have scuff resistant laminate.

Both need a good surface to key to and both work better on smooth coated papers. Spot UV keys well to a matt laminate and is our preferred method to gain maximum contrast between the two.

This really depends on the coverage of the ink, we need the ink to be dried completely before applying a laminate and thick areas of ink require longer to dry. The laminate also needs time for the adhesive to cool and set. So ideally we need around 24hrs extra to laminate a job. We’re often able to speed this up if the ink coverage is not so great.

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