Top Tips for Creating Polished Promotional Literature

It’s important to make any promotional literature the very best it can be to ensure your company has an impact on potential clients. Selecting the right people to create your literature will mean your company will get noticed by the right people.

Get the right look

Promotional literature should look super smart and professional so unless you have a designer in-house, consider using a freelance designer or approaching a design agency to create the page outlines and structure for you. If you have an idea of how you would like it to look but haven’t worked with a designer before then include details of what you want the final design to look like and include any URLs to work you like as part of your creative brief. Professional designers will be able to resize images, create borders, design logos and give the promotional literature the professional edge it requires to be successful.

Persuade your potential clients to use your company

Have you got an in-house copywriter in your marketing team? If not then enlisting the skills of a professional copywriter would be an excellent idea as they can create compelling and targeted copy to ensure your literature represents your company in the best light and speaks directly to your target audience. Even if you’re good at writing, it’s always best to get a professional copywriter to proofread the literature to ensure there are no errors before it goes to print.

Choose a professional digital printing company

Make sure you select an experienced digital printing company to print your promotional literature. Look for a company which offers a good range of services so you can showcase your material in the best possible way. When you’re selecting a digital printing company ask what types of binding services they offer and discuss what the best option for your literature would be. You may want to select a wire binding system for example or perhaps book binding or saddle stitching and your printer will be able to advise you on the best option for your project. Also see whether they offer services such as laminating (for the front and back cover) or UV varnishes to enhance the appearance of the literature and also to protect it. An experienced digital printing company will have a range of services available and will be able to talk you through all the options so you receive the perfect printed material to showcase your company.

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