Why Business Cards Can Be Good For SEO

Business cards have always been a staple of an entrepreneur or businessperson’s life. Whether it be passed around at networking events or slipped through someone’s door, it is a great way to ensure they are remembered. Some keep it simple and just go for a standard business card. This contains names and contact details. Other companies and employees liked to go a bit more out there. They were fans of glossing up the cards, which was slightly more expensive, but did mean that they stood out from the crowd. However, there was no right or wrong way to do it, it was all about keeping in touch with your brand.

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Nowadays, there has been such an advancement in technology, that business cards can be beneficial for your website’s SEO. How does that work? We can hear you asking. Well, continue reading and we’ll explain what to do to make the most of your business cards.

What makes a good business card?

A business card is your first point of call with a potential client. In a world where first impressions are everything, a business card can make or break that working relationship.

Functional and correct

Let’s start with the obvious when discussing what makes a good business card. It needs to be proofread and contain no grammar or spelling mistakes. With a small amount of text, these will be easy to spot. Spelling and grammar usually signify carelessness, and as business cards are an expense, you need to make sure they are done correctly the first time.

A functional business card does not even have to take up a huge chunk of your budget. Purely Digital make sure we get a full brief from you before providing a detailed quote. As long as the spelling is correct and the details are on there, we can help you shout about your business to potential leads.

Informative business cards

For it to be functional, it needs to be correct. Next up, it also needs to be informative. You’d be surprised how many people order business cards with just their company name on them. No acknowledgement of any contact details. That’s great and all, but how is someone supposed to remember you or get hold of you? It might have been a great pitch, but that card is likely to end up in the bin or be used as a ruler on someone’s desk.

Stick in the memory

A lot of business stationery tends to end up on someone’s desk at home or in the office. Whilst this can be a good thing, you do not want it to be a paperweight until something better comes along. You want your brand to be remembered. At that networking event, a lead was mesmerised by your card because your card was unique and importantly high-quality.

That’s the thing with business cards and any stationery, the designs can be fantastic, but it is also about how it comes out in the print. A sub-standard printing service can be of detriment to your business.

With Purely Digital, we only deliver a high-quality printing service, meaning your branded stationery and business cards will be built to impress. Check out some examples below.

How can Business Cards be good for SEO?

So, we’ve talked about the design and what needs to be on a business card to make it stand out. We know that they need to be informative, functional, and memorable. Well, now they can do so much more.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is all about the quality of your website. Your website needs to be optimised to get traffic to your site. You also want your audience to be engaged on your site and not click off straight away. This all sounds great, doesn’t it? But how on earth do business cards impact your digital website?

QR codes on your business cards

It’s 2022. The digital age has arrived. A lot of digital marketing agencies are now starting to catch on to just how much innovation there can be with business stationery. Although it is always good to have glossy pens, notepads, and cards, they can also be efficient in your marketing strategies.

On business cards today, you can have your name, your company and then a QR code. Plus, your logo to make it eye-catching of course! But you do not need to fill up your card with details anymore. An agency or business can simply build a landing page or contact form with a designated URL. From there, a QR code can be generated onto the business card. At a networking event, all you’d then need to do is provide a business card to a potential lead and they can scan the QR code using their smartphone. Once that’s generated, the contact form will load up on their screen and they can fill out any details and information that they feel necessary.

It really is that simple. It can stop the to-ing and fro-ing between emails and ensures people have the right emails etc. So once that person goes home with your business card, if they’ve not already, they can just load up the contact form and get in touch that way. Simple!

But how does this help SEO?

Well, it’s a fine way of getting people onto your website. At the end of the day, all Google wants to do is see what people think of your website. If more people are heading over to the domain and are filling out forms, then they are spending time on your website. That’s the main aim of SEO, and the most finite way of ensuring your website is seen by other companies.

For more information on designs, styles, and types of business cards, check out Purely Digital’s business card product page and get in touch for a quote.

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