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Print Companies Face Sharp Rise in Price of Paper

Friday, March 26th, 2010

With the country slowly but surely recovering from the economic tussle it has faced over the past couple of years, things looked to be taking a turn for the better across several industries. It therefore came as a shock this week when printers were left reeling by the news that there could be a dramatic rise in paper prices.

The news was broken after UK merchants announced material increases of around 12 percent.

Although the prospective price hike has not been confirmed, print companies have been warned that a majority of merchants and suppliers will be making necessary increases from 6th April.

Paper merchants across the country have come out to defend themselves following the rumoured inflation, blaming a rise in the cost of the relevant raw materials and production needed to produce the paper demanded by printing companies.

Last month saw several manufacturers increase their prices in anticipation.
It is predicted that such a price hike will have a huge impact on both supply and demand within the printing industry, with the repercussions worse than previous inflation due to size of the increase.

Rumours of a predicted price hike have been made considerably worse due to the unforeseen, major earthquake in Chile and a Finnish port strike, both of which could cause the price of pulp to reach a record high.

The spiralling price of pulp, which in turn boosts paper prices, is a major setback for paper producers who have spent the past few years cutting output in order to restore depressed paper stocks and pulp prices.

Digital Printing is Growing Trend for Business Professionals

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Ask any business manager what makes the cornerstones of a good organisation, and the chances are a vast majority of them will highlight the importance of effective marketing and promotion. They will also more than likely inform you that achieving effective strategies is not all about expensive ad campaigns.

Any serious professional will understand that a business card is one of the most effective communication tools in providing contact information to clients for future reference.

Recent statistics have highlighted this common understanding, as over the past couple of years the popularity of digital printing, in relation to online business cards has increased greatly.

Here at Purely Digital HQ we understand the importance of image and quality. We pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide and acknowledge that a business card can be more than just a simple piece of paper.

Utilising our skills and keen eye for what looks good, we are able to turn our hand through several processes, mixing several papers and even introduce a special foiling technique for those extra special cards that you want to make a lasting impression with.